Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dickens The Displaced

I'm traveling this weekend and so I took Dickens and Daisy to the kennel, which I call Doggy Camp. I board them with Sue, the daughter of a woman I used to train dogs with. Sue lives on a big piece of property in one of the more rural parts of rural Oregon, where dogs can run and swim and play, hence Doggy Camp.

Although Daisy is a seasoned Doggy Camper, this is Dickens' first stay. I realized as I was driving them there that every time in Dickens' short life that someone has put him in a car and handed him off to someone else, the first someone has never come back. I had no way to make him understand that wasn't going to happen this time. Dammit, I miss them both already.


  1. What a wonderful experience it will be for him when you arrive to pick him up!

  2. Spencer, and now Rex also have the same cool deal at Camp. And I cry when I leave them for any length of time, particularly Rex for the same reason as Dickens. But oh, how he loves to see us return...and now knows that we will.

    It's a good thing. Happy travels!
    Jeanne & Bob & Rex