Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dickens On Camera

Dickens, aka Velcro Dog, passed a big test this afternoon. I set my digital camera on video mode, put it on top of the TV, and drove to the library. Without a dog. In the following 15 minutes Dickens stared at the front door, looked out the window, whined softly a few times, did a few laps around the couch and then jumped up on it, pushed the gate aside and went into the kitchen, did some things in there that made some noises I can't identify, and came back to the front door about 10 seconds before I walked through it.

I know it's just one time so far, and doesn't mean the problem is solved, but he did not tear up, bite through, knock over, or set fire to anything in my absence. Good boy, Dickens. Good boy.

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